Alcohol for ED patients

Harm of alcohol is known to all. But how does it affect the ability of men to get erection? Even a couple of strong cocktails can make men forget about hot night. Moderate alcohol gives confidence but if you abuse it then it will kill the erection therefore one should be very careful with drinks on a date. Do not drink more than two drinks a day. Liver can break down just one portion an hour. When the portion is bigger, toxins get to other organs and affect them badly. Alcohol is one of the causes why erectile dysfunction occurs.

Alcohol can destroy your male power as it entails temporary erectile dysfunction. Not only brain is affected when the person is drunk. The male organ does not respond to the desires of the body. The studies have revealed that sober men can achieve the erection faster than the one who drank alcohol drinks. Intoxicated person has problem with blood flow and it affects the erection. Even when erection occurs, the intensity of orgasm will be lower. The level of excitement decreases.

However, the problem is acute not only because of short-term erection. Taking alcohol regularly the person can get long-term erectile dysfunction. In this case he suffers from ED not only when he is intoxicated but sober as well.

It is hard to determine the condition that is called alcoholism. The medical definition is not clear. There is also no diagnostic test to determine this condition. When the person is alcoholic his nervous and brain systems suffer. His liver is also affected. There are chemical changes in the body and changes in hormones therefore man can acquire low testosterone in addition to other problems.

Ruined relationship becomes one more consequence of alcoholism. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism stated figured out that up to 90% of sexual assaults are connected with excessive alcohol drinking. It has to do with infidelity, conflict, divorce and etc.

Though alcohol is liked by people who like to remove tension with help of alcohol drinks, its relaxing effect entails many other problems. When taken moderately, this beverage is good for heart and blood circulation too. In this way, alcohol can be used to advantage of the person. However, excessive use of alcohol can bring to irreversible harm in your body.