Cialis FAQ

As men get older their sexual function subsides. But there is a good solution for all patients who want to recover their male might. This is Cialis. Read this FAQ to learn more about this medication that became almost as popular as Viagra.

What is Cialis?

Cialis is a prescription medicine that is taken orally to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It was developed by the company Eli Lilly and quickly became very popular as it provided the features other ED medications could not offer.

What dose should be taken?

There are 2.5 and 5mg pills. Doctor can help you take the right dose. 2.5mg pills are generally prescribed for ED treatment on a regular basis. For severe cases 10 and 20mg pills are prescribed. Never split the tablet because it is hard to do it correctly. These pills are not scored down the middle so precision is hard to achieve without it.

How can you use Cialis?

Cialis can be taken before the sexual intercourse. It will start working in 15 minutes and preserves its functionality for 36 hours! However, those who prefer spontaneity can take Cialis regularly. In this case the minimal dose is prescribed and the man may not take ED medication before sex.

Can Cialis be harmful?

Treatment with Cialis can bring to very serious consequences if you take it incorrectly. Remember that ingredients of medications can interact with each other. Cialis affects the patient badly when you take some nitrate drugs. Nitrates increase intensity of Cialis work and this can entail heart attack, drop of blood pressure or a stroke.

This medication should not be taken in case its components may bring harm to your health. This can be partially predicted when doctor studies the medical records of the patient and examines him thoroughly. However, in some cases the organism just does not respond. If it is so the person should look for other remedies.

Take into account that time of withdrawal is 48 hours. Therefore you should wait for 2 days until you take some medicine that should be used with Cialis.

What are the usual side effects that occur after patients take Cialis?

Person can experience upset stomach, nasal stiffness, dizziness, diarrhea, flushing, blurred vision, impaired hearing and etc. One should apply for medical help in case the side effect does not disappear. You should also urgently notify the doctor in case priapism became your problem. This condition is rare but very dangerous. The erection is sustained more than 4 hours. Urgent medical assistance can save your sexual function. Do not neglect it otherwise it can bring to untreatable condition. Some forms of erectile dysfunction are never cured. One should be very careful when observing the symptoms of allergic reaction: from simple rash to breathing problems.

What are advantages of Cialis?

Cialis can work longer than other medical preparations. It gives freedom to have sex when you want. Cialis can be taken before or after meal. Man can also drink some wine when he uses Cialis. It will not affect the quality of performance.

How to buy cheap Cialis?

Some customers complain that branded medications are rather expensive. Those who want to economize can check local pharmacies to learn the prices. Online pharmacies provide products at huge discounts therefore you can order Cialis online to save money. Additionally, you can ask your doctor to prescribe the generic medication that also contains tadalafil – the main ingredient of Cialis. In this way, you will get cheap and effective medication.