How to protect yourself from ED

If sexual function is something that is given by nature that does not mean that you do not need to care about it. This is natural for men to have male power. Men usually do not even think about its protection before difficulties appear. But being driven into a corner, a person forgets about relaxation. He feels anxiety at this stage and chances to solve it fast and easily considerably decrease. One difficulty entails the other. Eventually, a patient discovers himself involved into the tangle of problems and it is hard already to determine: what exactly was the first thing that caused disorder?

ED causes can be of two kinds: the ones caused by physical factors and psychological ones. Physical causes reveal when person drinks too much alcohol, smokes and eats unhealthy foods. The patient can be diagnosed with disease that provoke erectile dysfunction or have physical injury, damaged nerves and etc. that prevents erection. Refuse from harmful habits. Choose healthy lifestyle to eliminate things that can tell badly on erection.

You can also prevent undesirable diagnosis if psychological condition of the patient is to blame. Though physical factors do not play the main role in it they can alleviate the condition of a patient. Let us imagine that man goes through a hard period of his life when tension at work and stress at home accumulates and makes him worried all the time. Physical activity and sufficient sleep will help to endure it. Additionally, work with a psychotherapist and appropriate medications are advised.

Wait a little until the situation improves. There is no need to panic. Almost every person has "engine failure" at this or that point of his life. Person should never take illegal medications or buy some medicines without doctor's prescription. One should be very cautious even taking prescribed medication. Inform the doctor when you notice that medicine affects the sexual function. It is always possible to find the substitute to the drug if its compound produces such side effect.

The person should walk, run or do some other cardio exercises. One should spend half an hour on sports daily to contribute to overall health and better erection.